The Little Red Book

The Little Red Book and Stools and Bottles
The Little Red and Stools and Bottles were written by Ed Webster.
The Little Red Book is an Accompaniment to the Big Book.

In 1946, after a strong experience with beginners meetings and The Tablemate, The Little Red Book was published by Ed Webster and Barry Collins. Dr. Bob helped to edit it and was consulted for the text. He is known to have passed Little Red Books out. This was AA's first step book. It is written as an accompaniment to the Big Book, just like the Twelve and Twelve. The Little Red Book and the Akron guides and pamphlets are fantastic insights into how Dr Bob was working the steps and taking others through them. There are a few things that might be outdated today, that are in the LRB but it's still extremely useful and really ought to continue to be used in meetings the way it once was. People just seem to have gotten confused about "conference approved literature" which is a darn shame since these books are super cool.

Stools and Bottles was a talk that Ed used to do and it was then turned into a book. Great, Great, Great look into how they were working 1, 2 and 3 and then it has a really cool set up for the 4th step.

Bill spoke highly of the Little Red Book but declined to publish it because the trustees wanted a book the society could own. The Twelve and Twelve was published in 1952 just 6 years after the LRB and 2 years after Dr. Bob died.  The Twelve and Twelve eventually dwarfed the LRB in AA, primarily because groups stopped selling the LRB.

Archie AATOWG,
Mar 21, 2016, 6:09 AM