AA The Original Way - Finally Gets Started!

posted Feb 17, 2010, 8:31 PM by Archie AATOWG   [ updated Jul 31, 2013, 6:11 PM ]

Hey Yall!

We have been talking about getting this group started for a long time. AA here in Asheville is strong. But we really wanted to get a Big Book group started that focused on the strong original message of the pioneers. Especially sponsorship and the steps in the Big Book.

The magic AA pioneers passed on has kept some of us sober a good long time. Bill used to say that the program was passed on through "word-of-mouth". Sponsor to sponsee. Over time some of this message was lost. It isn't uncommon today to hear people misunderstand the urgency written in the Big Book. Some newcomers have even gotten the impression that the steps as laid out in the Big Book take over a year to do! Some newcomers sit in their shit for about a year doing a fourth step! Ouch. As the founders discovered, so many of us can't make it a year without all of our medicine. They gave it quick. Every story in the Big Book confirms this. But for the grace of God we would have perished.  They got us to step 12, helping others, ASAP!

We believe that the original program is still a miracle. Nothing to date surpasses it's strength.
We believe that every newcomer to AA deserves a chance to hear the original message of our founders as they intended. Obviously, we must humbly attempt this and pray for guidance. Nobody adhered to one single method and not everyone made it.
Nobody is alive today who started AA but some of us have known some pioneers. These were people you wanted to be around. Excited. Enthusiastic. Faithful. Sincere. Loving and Strong.

The steps as laid out in the Big Book are simple, dynamic and life changing.

Pass it on!

The Original Way Group