A Program of Action - Commentary

posted Jul 6, 2014, 8:40 AM by Archie AATOWG

Commentary By Archie T

AA does not recommend a passive wait and see approach. There's tons of supporting evidence in the historical record that members very actively approached others and not just alcoholics. Described as "zealously" by some doctors. This is one of the things that greatly impressed the Rockefeller's and other wealthy donors in NYC who helped fund our society and Big Book early on. To be blunt, these were Ass Kickers! There is emphatic call for Action in AA! Of course, they accepted a newcomers request when asked. But they intentionally, actively sought out someone to work with as well because it is in the Action of seeking and giving that we heal ourselves on many levels.

It's easy to stand around at a meeting with the answer for someone to come request. This is the egos preferred power position. Dr. Bob worked hard everyday, going out of his way for alcoholics, not just for them, but in seeking to deepen his own spiritual experience. He showed us it was ok to admit, "Yes. I'm sober yet still full of self will and thoughts of me. I need to follow this program of action to reduce my self centered thinking. I need this newcomer to work with, maybe more than he needs me!" This is a depth of spiritual action that cuts through self centered thought far greater than passively waiting for a newcomer to ask us for help. This spiritual action wears away at the self centered habit patterns of the mind. It's harder to ask for help than give it. Humbling.

"If we work it!" IF... we follow the outlined program of action...God's Will gains clarity as self falls away..."just to the extent that we humbly rely upon him." in this moment, self falls away and our HP becomes more accessible. Self will becomes less after a strong, sustained effort to work with others and give selflessly. In Action. Defects fall away when we aren't looking. We wear away at the glacier of self through selfless ACTIONS. Not through endlessly processing our thoughts about ourselves in meetings and with sponsors, which only compounds the problem. AA suggests we must place the welfare of others BEFORE ourselves for this reason. Self focused psychotherapy pales in comparison (though may be needed for problems other than alcohol). Deeper and deeper spiritual awakenings unfold as this program of action causes self surrender to deepen. We take the action. God handles the rest.