The Original Way Group

The Original Way Group is a group of Alcoholics Anonymous. We focus on the original program of AA. The original method of taking newcomers through the steps has proven to this day to be one of the most successful methods ever devised. We strive to keep this design for living alive!

With great respect we have attempted to exemplify the Strong Original Way; the SIMPLE program the AA pioneers used. There has never been one perfect way to find God or work the steps. The method outlined here claims no rigid superiority over other methods and is suggestive only. Not mandatory.

Autonomy is also part of the Strong Original Way of AA. Obviously, not everyone does things the same way. Bill Wilson is said to have taken sponsees through the steps in 30 days. Bob Smith took 5,000 through the steps. He did it in a day. Clarence S. took newcomers through in two days or a weekend. There is no one set way to work the AA program yet experience has shown that groups and members who follow the program as passed on by the original members have a highly successful recovery rate.

Original AA methods realized a 72% success rate from 1934-1938. Clarence S. in Cleveland recorded a 93% success rate and the Tablemate four week beginners meetings are said to have 90% after one year. Fellowship has a lot to do with success too. The old timers called and reached out to newcomers daily and that caring act certainly helps.

It's this success we are after in The Original Way Group. We are not trying to exactly reproduce everything they used to do; we just want to carry the message in the most effective way we can. We feel that the original message has proven over time to produce not just less harm or abstinence but the joy of living. Not only do we stop hurting ourselves and others but we enjoy a quality of life beyond our wildest dreams! Our primary purpose for existence as a group is to carry this message, as best as we can, to the still suffering alcoholic. 

History shows clearly that there is no exact "original way" that the founders worked the steps. If there is an "original way" it is that God is the Ultimate Authority. We seek and do His will in all our affairs, including step work. There is no one set way to work the AA program. The founders warned of rigidity in this respect, yet “rarely have we seen a person fail who has thoroughly followed [their] path. For this reason, we have created our group, this website and our group step guide, in hopes it will convey the historical context of the Founders and Pioneers of AA and thus help the still suffering alcoholic.