The AA founders discovered that right ACTION was the key to a Spiritual Experience that could conquer alcoholism.  


Pg 9-
"...to suspend his commitment. They had told of a simple 
religious idea and a practical program of action. That was
two months ago and the result was self-evident. It worked!"

Pg 17-
"We have a way out on which we can absolutely agree, 
and upon which we can join in brotherly and harmonious action
This is the great news this book carries to those who suffer from alcoholism."

Pg 42-
“Then they outlined the spiritual answer and program
of action which a hundred of them had followed success-

Pg 63-
"Next we launched out on a course of vigorous action,
the first step of which is a personal housecleaning,..."

Pg 72-
"we have put our finger on the weak items in
our personal inventory. Now these are about to be cast
out. This requires action on our part..."

Pg 76- 
...bidding. Amen.” We have then completed Step Seven.
Now we need more action, without which we find that
“Faith without works is dead.” Let’s look at Steps Eight
and Nine. We have a list of all persons we have harmed..."

Pg 85-
"It is easy to let up on the spiritual program of action
and rest on our laurels. We are headed for trouble if we
do, for alcohol is a subtle foe."
...But we must go further and that means more action.

Pg 87-
"As we go through the day we pause, when agitated
or doubtful, and ask for the right thought or action."

PG 88-
It works—it really does.
We alcoholics are undisciplined. So we let God disci-
pline us in the simple way we have just outlined.
But this is not all. There is action and more action.
“Faith without works is dead.” The next chapter is en-
tirely devoted to Step Twelve."

Pg 93-
"To be vital, faith must be accompanied by 
self sacrifice and unselfish, constructive action."

Pg 94-
"Outline the program of action, explaining how you
made a self-appraisal, how you straightened out your
past and why you are now endeavoring to be helpful to
him. It is important for him to realize that your at-
tempt to pass this on to him plays a vital part in your
own recovery. Actually, he may be helping you more
than you are helping him. Make it plain he is under no
obligation to you, that you hope only that he will try to
help other alcoholics when he escapes his own difficul-
ties. Suggest how important it is that he place the wel-
fare of other people ahead of his own."

Pg 94-
"Tell him you once felt as he does, but you doubt
whether you would have made much progress had
you not taken action."

Pg 98-
"When your prospect has made such 
reparation as he can to his family,
and has thoroughly explained to them the new prin-
ciples by which he is living, he should proceed to put
those principles into action at home. That is, if he is
lucky enough to have a home."

Pg 142-
"After satisfying yourself that your man wants to re-
cover and that he will go to any extreme to do so, you
may suggest a definite course of action."

Pg 157-
"The two friends spoke of their spiritual experience and
told him about the course of action they carried out."

Dr. Bob said, 

"It never fails, if you go about it with one half the zeal you have been in the habit of showing when you were getting another drink."

It works, if we have the proper attitude and work at it!